Maintenance Philosophy

We believe that correctly carried out maintenance is the heart of efficient ship operation as it controls not only commercial reliability but also adds value to your assets. Our enhanced planned maintenance programme allows us to track and control various maintenance related acitivities for optimal performance. Key staff on board is trained in our office in usage of the computer based planned maintenance system. Through usage of computer our reports to owners are timely, relevant and provide a true picture of ship's condition. It is always our endeavor to carry out all repairs and maintenance through use of ship staff and where necessary travelling fitters. In this way we are able to achieve good cost control without compromising on quality or safety.

Performance Evaluation

We monitor closely all parameters which will negatively affect the commercial viability of the vessel in anyway. Monitoring is carried out through analysis of data obtained from onboard so that vessels sea and port performance is always meeting the charterers requirement and that the vessel is sea worthy at all times.

Cost Control

We understand cost and its impact on operational profitability. It is always our endeavor to ensure cost effectiveness in all our activity. We prepare detailed budgets each year based on both experience and requirement. Our budgets are strictly controlled so that there is no undue variance in costs.


We believe in hands on management. Our superintendents visit and if necessary sail with the vessels at least twice a year to ensure that the vessel is in no way deficient and that she complies with all relevant clause, flag and port state control requirements. Detailed inspection reports and necessary follow up is made and the Principals informed on their assets. Superintendents are in charge of execution and monitoring of all repairs and maintenance schedules.